About this site

On this page I'll be posting excerpts of my work done in my free time. As the title says this whole page is related to IT specific topics. Posts will include descriptions and examples from my projects I'm currently working on.

Recent posts

Commands - See more with less

05 Dec 2022

Viewing logs or other files on servers or even desktop systems can be done with the pager command less. Here is described how to enhance the interface of it, to make it more usable.

Hardening SSH - SSHFP records

18 Nov 2022

The secure shell protocol is used to connect to servers. Often connections are established from admin sites without checking if the server is really the host it pretends to be. Let's change that.

Blog internal - How IPs are masked

14 Oct 2022

In some way an IP can be used to identify an individual. This server is logging every access. This is a description how IPs are sufficiently masked, so they can't be used anymore for identification purposes.

OpenSSL - Receive info out of chains

07 Oct 2022

Chainfiles or multiple concatenated X.509 certificates can not be parsed in a comfortable manner. In this text I'll introduce a oneliner suitable for this task.